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SOLD OUT | 2021 Infinity Drop Deck 53′ Rear Axle Slide CA Legal (Model: HCICD22RSA)


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BRAND NEW 2021 Infinity 53′ Drop Deck | Step Deck. Combination construction with aluminum RASR side rails, rear, and 1-1/8-inch aluminum floor with two (2) Apitong wood nail strips. Reinforced coil zone in floor rated for 55,000 lbs. in 4’ concentrated. Electric rear axle dump valve, 4 DOT type bulkhead pockets welded to front and a 30” king pin are all standard on this trailer. This trailer features widespread air ride with a California/Canada legal rear axle slide having a 122” spread when in the open position and 61” spread in the closed position. In the closed position, the suspension meets the 40’ inner bridge requirement of California, Canadian RTAC and BC dimensional specifications. The Infinity Step Deck has a Hendrickson AANT23K Intraax air ride suspension with 4S2M abs. The Infinity Step Deck comes with 3 LED market lights per side and 2 rear lights per side. The Hendrickson HLX5 grease hubs boast a 5-Year Warranty. The trailer has 255/70R22.5 16PR OEM standard tires on (4) Alcoa aluminum LvL One buffed wheels outside and (4) steel disc inside wheels inside. The Fontaine Infinity Trailer has many load securement options to make your job more convenient and easier including double L winch track on both sides with 12 sliding winches and strap keepers (2 top deck, 10 bottom deck) and seventeen (17) pair of pop up chain ties recessed in siderails. This trailer has an 11-foot top deck and 42-foot bottom deck, with 18” crossmember spacing on the top deck and 12” crossmember spacing on the bottom deck. A spare tire carrier is mounted between the lower gooseneck beams at the drop. Fontaine Trailer offers a Fontaine XtremeBeam™ Limited Lifetime Warranty on the beam (frame) to the first owner on all Infinity Trailers. Total tare weight is 11,373 lbs.


STOCK # 44297, 44298, 44299


FOB – Middletown, OH, Columbus, OH, and Atlanta, GA



Armstrong Trailer Sales is a family-owned and operated full-service semi-trailer dealership serving Ohio and the surrounding areas. We are your one stop shop for all your flatbed and step deck needs. As a full-service dealership we offer parts, accessories, rentals, repairs and reconditioning. We stock and install-on-demand the following: Tool boxes, HD Ramp Kits, chains, binders, straps, bungees, bulkheads, Sturdy-Lite headache racks, tarps, side kits, sliding tarp systems, Alcoa & Accuride aluminum wheels, new and used tires plus everything you would need for your flatbed, drop deck or lowboy.


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NOTE: Fontaine Infinity trailers have the most durable side rail design in the industry. Their side rail is an exclusive design called a Routed Aluminum Side Rail (RASR). To eliminate rub-rail damage common to all other flatbed brands, many leasing and rental companies have switched their fleets over to Fontaine Revolution Trailers exclusively. Check out the video posted in the photo set that will give you a demonstration of the superior design and endurance of the RASR.






Length / Width: 53 feet x 102 inches
Suspension Type: Rear Axle Slide
Deck Lengths: 11 feet front and 42 feet rear
Frame Rating: 80,000 lbs distributed – 55,000 lbs concentrated in 4 feet- GAWR and tire ratings determine legal payloads
Rear Deck Height: 40 inches – loaded
Flooring: 1 1/8 inch aluminum with 4 Apitong wood nailer strips
Crossmembers: 18 inch centers front deck / 12 inch centers rear deck – 4 inch jr. I-steel
Single Coil Hauling Package: Included – STANDARD
Side Rails: Exclusive Revolutionary RASR Rail Technology — one piece routed aluminum designed for strength and impact
Chain Cargo Tie Downs 17 pair recessed in siderails
Stake Pockets: Routed aluminum on 24 inch centers (2 load securement openings between stake pockets)
Rubrail: Integrated with siderail
Main Beams: 130K load bearing flanges
Kingpin: 30 inches
Loaded Fifth Wheel Height: 49 inches
Landing Gear: OEM Standard
Knee Braces: Fabricated on approx. 60 inch C/C
Bulkhead Pockets: 4 DOT type bulkhead pockets only – welded to front
Bulkheads: None – STANDARD
Number of Axles: 2
Axle Spindle: Tapered
Brakes: Spring brakes, auto slacks
Air Line Filters: (2) Meritor In-line type installed
ABS: 4S/2M – no cable or tool
Axle Spread: 122 inches open – 61 inches closed: Meets California, Canadian RTAC and BC dimensional specifications in closed position
Hub and Drums: 10-hole hub-piloted with outboard cast drums
Wheel Ends: Grease in hubs – *** 5-year wheel end warranty ***
Wheels: 22.5 x 8.25 (4) steel disc inside wheels – (4) Alcoa aluminum LvL One buffed outside
Tires: 255/70R 22.5 16PR OEM standard
Tire Inflation System: None – STANDARD
Suspension Detail: Hendrickson AANT23K Intraax air ride
Air Assist Slide Box Pins: Standard mount of controls on slider frame
Auto Glad Hand Dump: Installed
Electric Dump Valve: Wired to 7-way auxiliary socket to dump rear axle
Air Lift: None – STANDARD
Front Corners: Tapered
Electrical System: LED: 3 lights/side, 2 lights/side on rear – STANDARD
Paint: Black urethane on steel parts with Infinity decals – STANDARD
Conspicuity Tape: Per NHTSA specs – installed in recess on rubrails
Bumper: Weld-on type – meets underride requirements – painted steel
Mudflaps: 2 sets OEM standard; Spring loaded brackets behind front axle
Winch Track: Full length integrated double L type aluminum on both sides where possible — STANDARD
Sliding Winches: 12 total, 2 front deck and 10 rear deck: 6 each side; sliding Rope Hook/ Winch Strap Hook Retainers
Dock Bumpers: 1 pair rubber on rear
Hubodometer: None – STANDARD
Spare Tire Carrier: 1 standard – mounted between lower gooseneck beams at drop
Registration Holder: Install registration holder – OEM standard
Tool Box: None – STANDARD
Estimated Weight 11,373lbs +/- 3%

STOCK # 44297, 44298, 44299


Additional information

Weight 11373 oz
Dimensions 53 × 102 × 49 in


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